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Petra Bernasconi

It is a great happiness and a pleasure for me to have found a task in my current work that enables me to support people in activating their personal potential and contributing to their well-being.


Training as a Medical Practice Assistant


Active in various practices and hospitals as MPA


Active at a large and small animal practice as a veterinary practice assistant


Swiss Federal Matura


Assistant at Roche Diagnostics (Switzerland) (Diabetes, Blood Coagulation, Swissmedic)


Studies of environmental sciences at the ETH Zurich


Research Assistant at the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL) in Birmensdorf (bioindication for heavy metals and ozone)


Training as a safety assistant (occupational health and safety) at the Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund (SUVA) in Lucerne


HSSEQ Support Advisor at BP (Switzerland) (Health, Safety, Security, Environment, Quality)


Employee at the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Planning ZG (air pollution control, protection against non-ionising radiation)


Training as a Certified Rolfer™ at the European Rolfing® Association (ERA) in Munich

Since then own practice and continuing education.

other than that...

Dancing, lots of energy, very tidy, calm, persistent, mostly friendly, loyal, sometimes impatient, does not like to be photographed, trust, movement, cats, likes to eat well, music, Pilates, does not exaggerate, bicycle holidays, take my life into my own hands, sees the positive, finds solutions, live and let live, learning is nice ...