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       Chamerstrasse 12C

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       076 761 45 82

       Practice opening hours

       Monday to Friday all day.

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For appointments and information on Rolfing treatment please call me (076 761 45 82).    

You can also contact me via the contact form or send an e-mail to - please also note your telephone number and when I can reach you best.


If you are unable to attend, please inform me at least 24 hours before the appointment so that I do not have to charge the time reserved for you.


Practice opening hours

Monday to Friday, mornings and afternoons.

Duration, costs, notes

Rolfing Treatment Duration and Costs

  • A session lasts at least 75 minutes (the 1st session usually longer).

  • As a rule, a treatment of ten sessions at intervals of about one to three weeks is recommended.

  • Costs per session 165 CHF

  • Payment is made after the session in cash or by credit card.

  • Rolfing® SI is a recognised method of complementary medicine. My practice is certified for Rolfing® SI by the ASCA and the EMR and approved by the EGK. The supplementary insurances of most health insurance companies therefore cover a large part of the treatment costs. Please check with your supplementary insurance company about the extent of benefits before starting treatment.

  • Sessions for children and adolescents are shorter and correspondingly cheaper.



  • Please wear snug but comfortable underwear for treatment.

  • For the sessions you will normally undress down to your underpants/bra.

  • You as the client support the process with guided small movements, breathing and conscious participation during the session.